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Our Mission

Our Mission:

The Mane Occasion Team is committed to the growth and health of natural hair. Our mission is to empower women with the products and knowledge to grow long healthy hair. Our vision is to change how women with kinky textures view and manage their hair. The Mane Occasion will strive to instill comfort and confidence in all women. The TMO brand emerged as a result of embracing our kinky textured hair with a thirst to know more about it and a hunger to help everyone around us with the same questions.KWHeadShot

The Founder:

Kia Williams founded The Mane Occasion in 2013 with a product addiction and a dream. With a background in media and communications Kia is confident that through social media and other outlets she will be effective in creating a buzz first locally then globally for women to join TMO in embracing and celebrating natural hair.